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04, 2011

We thank you SO much for your donations. We could not have done this without you!

Son2 Sonny is our 9-year-old greyhound mix, who bravely battled lymphoma... He has an auto-immune disorder that he was able to survive four years ago. 

Our friends and fans came through for us and Sonny was able to get through chemo treatments and a round of radiation. We will be getting him screened later this month, but he is like a new dog!

We received so much love and help from so many people, we will be creating a Sonny art book entitled The Sonny Project; you can see the amazing artwork of Sonny below! 


Sonny was pretty impressed with the Mignola original we received to auction. Our love and thanks to Mike and Christine for their amazing generosity!



This incomparable Bernie Wrightson created an amazing Sonny as Krypto with Swamp Thing as part of the SONNY PROJECT! 

Bernie Sonny Art

Below, Kelley Jones created a fantastic Batman with Sonny as a Gargoyle! 


A few Limited Edition Giclee Photo Prints were donated by director, David Slade! 


This fantastic Batman was donated by Andrew and Danita Mangum and was sold for auction. Inks by Andrew Mangum, pencil by Thomas Mason!


This Star Trek cover (below) has been donated by JK Woodward for the Sonny Auctions! 


Evan Dorkin donated this amazing piece below for auction!

This fantastic Grim Ghost (below) was sent to us from Eric Layton! Inks by Eric Layton, pencils by Kelley Jones!


Stephanie Buscema sent her original painting for the cover of "Name that dog! Puppy poems from A to Z" by Peggy Archer (below) for auction! Stay tuned!


THE SONNY PROJECT  Some amazing artwork was made of Sonny!

Top row: Jill Thompson, Kelley Jones, Miran Kim. Second row, l-r: Bernie Wrightson, Fiona Staples, Bill Sienkiewicz, Antoine Dodé. Third row, l-r: Ming Doyle, Scott Morse, Nathan Ooten, Liz Wrightson. Fourth row, l-r: Greg Ruth, Menton3, Daniele Serra, Gabriel Hardman. Bottom row: John Rozum, Monte Lewis.



Below: Our girl, Zendra, watching over Sonny during his chemo! We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for helping us help him!


Lots of love from Steve and Monica.


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