01, 2013


My mom is in the hospital again. I spoke to her this morning. She sounded better. Afterwards I jotted down some thoughts...Img026


I’ve been think a lot about my mom a lot today so I thought I’d post a few thoughts. Looking back, I am amazed how much she had to deal with just me. I was a tad bit of a spaz, a terrible student and really kind of a loner as a kid but she went out of her way to help guide me.

She bought me my first Super 8 camera, my first jar of foam latex, my first bass and my first typewriter. 

When I saw the Brady Bunch kids make a volcano I decided to do the same, except I used flash-powder and lighter fluid. It looked great but it cost me a bed and some curtains and my eyebrows.

When I saw Altered Stated I built a 100 gallon depravation tank in our two bedroom apartment. Of course it exploded after a few hours and my mom came home to teenagers on mushrooms trying to drain ankle-deep water out of the apartment.

I went through a brief Harold & Maude phase (in conjunction with the special effects make-up phase) and would be laying dead on the floor when she came home from work every night with pencils through my head or laying in a pool of blood. She got so used to it, she’d just step over me and say, “That better not stain the carpet.”

But the one memory of my mom that has always stuck with me, was her taking me to see Alien (because I was too young to get in alone). She watched the entire film with her hands over her eyes. She did that for me. 

I wanted to get this out now, before it’s too late, so I can tell her how much it meant to me. 

Thanks Mom.Img029



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I've just heard about your Mom from Menton3, I am glad that she sounded better and that you have spoken to her, thank you for sharing us your thoughts and memories of her. I am the same, where my Mother went out of her way (still does) for me and also bought me books when I was younger. Much love to the fam Steve.

Hi, Steve read your post I'm very happy to hear your mother is doing better, I'm sure a lot of us dont get the chance to tell our mother how we feel and how much help mold us to who we are today, my mom has been an amazing person as well me and my younger brother thought it was always cool when we got into horror movies and during the age of videos, she let us watch whatever we want , I mean she allowed us a 12 year old and 10 year old to discover great horror flicks like nightmare on elm st, the thing, Halloween, excorsist, the howling, etc list goes on love horror films and different movies but also reading, remember she take us to local library get comics there and lots of books, my mother alway fed our minds to always read, be open to new books, got into your stuff because always thought comics were always superheroes I was way wrong, got into your books and comics just blew me away, my brother and I met you a few times at different conventions must say you have always been so nice to us and approchable and that says a lot about a person if you ask me. Anyway hope everything goes well.

This is very sweet. You seem very close to your mom, and I'm glad that you are chose to share your thoughts. Best wishes to both of you.

That's a beautiful remembrance, Steve. Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm sure she knows how much it all meant to you, and I'm sure she's incredibly proud of you.

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