Josh Medors 1976-2012


28, 2012


Josh Medors passed away today after a prolonged battle with cancer. In Josh’s case I can’t emphasize the word ‘battle’ enough. He fought hard.

I met Josh a while back through Nat Jones and Jay Fotos on my message board. Josh was like any of us at the time, eager to work and wanted nothing more then to make comics. 

As soon as we met we started plotting how we could work together. We wound up collaborating on Fused, Cal McDonald, 30 Days of Night, Horrorside and In the Blood as well as a zillion side-projects.

There’s so much I could say about Josh. Obviously he was a great talent. But what strikes me most today is that Josh never gave up. I was always amazed he never stopped working. No matter how sick he got he always worked like he’d be here forever. It’s really one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen in my life.

We’ll miss you Josh.




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Great post Steve. RIP to Josh.

Sorry to hear about your friend.

it saddens me to no end that your friend passed. he was truly gifted. may him through his art live on forever in our hearts and eyes for us and the next generation. rest in peace.

I believe people like your friend are there for a reason, perhaps to make us better. It's not fair that they are taken away from us.

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